Dorking Eating and Drinking - Picture by Paul Knivett

Eating and Drinking

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Dorking is a market town that invites you to sample the fruits of the sea, the finest produce from local fields and England’s best fare, mixed with a sprinkling of international tastes.

Whether you are looking to have a refreshing cup of tea – perhaps a slice of cake, enjoy a glass of best bitter, the best pub lunch or the sophistication of a fine restaurant, it’s all here served in the beautiful countryside of the Surrey Hills.

Dorking’s tradition for fine food and drink has deep roots. Most famous of all is the Dorking fowl, a colourful breed of poultry that was distinguished by its fifth claw. In the 19th century it was valued as a table bird with a national reputation and a favorite with Queen Victoria. Back as far as the 17th century, the town was said to have the greatest poultry market in England. Although no longer commercially bred, the ‘Dorking’ is the coat of arms of the District Council. A statue of the Dorking Cockerel stands proud on a roundabout at the entrance to Dorking.